Membership - Mid North Coast Veteran Golfers Association Inc

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Welcome to the Mid North Coast Veteran Golfers Association. In addition to this information you will have received your annual membership card, instructions on how to make and cancel bookings and maybe a Program of events for the current year. The Program on this web site also contains information of Committee members, various Club Delegates and telephone numbers of Golf Clubs where events are played. If you require any other information please contact a member of the Committee or your Club Delegate.
Veterans’ Weeks of Golf are conducted at many venues within the State. For the full State Program and maybe other information please go to the State web site

Competitions are conducted as set out in the Program. An entry fee is payable on the day of the event to the Golf Club. The competitions are normally conducted in one, two or three grades depending on the number of competitors. Prizes can be awarded to winners and runners up. Winning vouchers are normally forwarded to recipients by email. A generous ball competition is conducted at each venue. Levels are set daily and balls are to be collected at the completion of the round. Balls not collected or won from for nearest to the pins will be entered on a ball sheet for collection the following week.

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